Financial Planning Services for Doctors

What We Offer – Financial Planning Services & More for Doctors, Physicians & Medical Professionals

Our combined financial planning and wealth management services for physicians and medical professionals have expanded over the years to meet the growing concerns and needs of our clients. Our knowledge and unique approach enable us to help you identify your goals. Then, we determine the best financial strategies that will help you achieve them. As your financial situation and goals change, we continually monitor and revise your plan as needed. Our team of financial advisers & staff work together to implement and continually monitor our financial planning and investment products, including:

  • Insurance Services
  • Financial Investment Services
  • Tax and Accounting Services
  • Asset Protection Strategies

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What Our Financial Services Cost

Our goal is to educate. Discussing your specific scenario will never cost you a dime. Should you decide to work with us, you will find our services competitively priced.

  • We act as a broker for insurance coverage, meaning we work with 80+ companies to find you the right policy. The premiums are no different than what you would find on your own (and in some cases, we can secure discounts for Disability Income Insurance). There is no fee for our brokerage services.
  • Investment services are charged as a percentage of assets managed. There is no minimum asset requirement.
  • Accounting and asset protection solutions are invoiced as flat fees once you decide to partner with us. Most importantly, you should never receive a surprise bill, and we do not charge by the hour or conversation.

For more information on our financial planning services or to speak with a financial adviser, call 888-898-3627 or email