Unisex Disability Insurance Rates

By Terry Westlund, ChFC®

It’s the end of 2020 and the buzz in the financial world is that “unisex” pricing for disability coverage is going away. Although this is true for many large carriers like Principal, it’s not completely true across the board. Like a large bright diamond, unisex rates are just harder to find. See below for a full explanation on why unisex disability policies are desirable and why we can still offer these rates to many of our clients.

What is a unisex disability rate?

One of the factors driving the cost of disability coverage is gender. Unfortunately, rates tend to be higher for females due to claims history. To be competitive, some carriers started offering “gender-neutral” or “unisex” disability rates. Many of our female clients save 50% on premiums using a discounted gender-neutral or unisex rate.

Why are unisex disability rates disappearing?

As more women enter the workforce, this cost structure is not suitable for insurance carriers. The industry is moving away from this model.

Why can Financial Designs still offer unisex rates?

We have been helping physicians since 1979, and we have more disability insurance experience than most firms. Our relationships with both our clients and insurance carriers have been so long standing, we have been “grandfathered in” to offer exclusive premium discounts along with gender-neutral rates. This means males are benefiting from our rate structure as well. See an example below:Give us a call to find out if you qualify. We can also help you with life insurance, health insurance, tax planning/preparation, wealth management and entity formation needs. We are passionate about education, so don’t hesitate to reach-out with questions.

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